Page Numbers Starting at a Specific Page (eg 3) in Word 2016

Let’s say you want you page numbers to start on page 3.

Follow these steps.

1) Click on the beginning of page 3, just before the first headline.

2) Click on Layout on the top. Then click on Breaks and then on Next page.

3) Insert the page numbers like this: Click Insert and then Page numbers.

4) As you can see, it still begins from the top. So what you need to is this:

5) Click on the button Link to Previous (if you can’t see it, then double click in the footer). By clicking Link to previous you will separate the documents into 2.

6) Now you can click on Insert – Then Page numbers. Then choose Format page numbers. Click on Start at and choose 1.

7) You can now delete the page numbers on the first 2 pages – and still keep the page number on page 3.

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